About the Author

An overeducated, underfunded entrepreneur takes the precarious trek to escape the confines of the cubicle but encounters innumerable roadblocks along the way.

No longer hypnotized by the ‘benefits’ of Cubicle-Ism, our hero sagaciously put together a guide to liberate others from this identical daily monotony.

Behold the scripture Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine.

Alexander Bachuwa’s parents emigrated from Iraq to the United States in 1982, the year he was born. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player—a goal he gave up for his parents’ assertion that the real ticket to success in life is higher education. Unconvinced, he still graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in economics. Underpaid, he attended law school at Arizona State University. Unemployed, he later added an MBA to the list of letters behind his name. His book serves, among other things, as an autobiography. So if you want to know more, read it.

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The Serious Author

My name is Alexander Bachuwa, JD, MBA, entrepreneur (a work in progress), world explorer, author…and, by default, blogger and I approve this message.