What Is The Points Of Life?

IMG00077-20090823-1602What exactly is The Points of Life? ThePointsOfLife is the escape from the mundane of the everyday by way of a free first-class ticket and complimentary suite upgrade at 5-star accommodations.

ThePointsOfLife started as a Facebook album called #Points Life which showed me trotting the world as a result of my exploits as a professional churner. From there it developed into a blog as a marketing campaign for my book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine. Today, ThePointsOfLife has evolved into a one stop shop for Trip Reports, Travel Guides, and Travel Advice. More poetically, it is a bullhorn for my unique commentary on global, social, political, and economic issues gained from traveling to numerous countries.

ThePointsOfLife demonstrates the way to seize today without waiting for the the empty promise of all the pieces to come together perfectly tomorrow. Points play a critical role in providing eye-opening experiences that can only come from partaking in travel adventures. Using #Points as a springboard for travel while integrating lessons learned from such adventures creates the disruption needed to strike out on your own, once and for all.

So, does this mean that you should quit your job immediately and travel all over the world Enjoying #ThePointsOfLife to get you there, essentially for free?


And perhaps I will show you how.

Till then, keep churning my friends.