Are You the Fat Guy in the Lounge?

Are you the fat guy in the lounge? Here’s a questionnaire to help you determine that:

Do you find that your mini table is stacked with plates and glasses?

Do you sample everything whether it appears to be delicious or barely edible simply because it is free?

Do you sit close to the buffet because walking back and forth is too time consuming when your flight leaves in fifteen minutes and you require three trips?

Do you face the kitchen door so you can be the first to try out the industrial size pasta?

Do you pour a glass of beer and champagne to justify all those days flying coach?

Do you shrug off the looks of fellow passengers who stare down their noses at your fat boy assortment of desserts?

Do you refuse to tip the bartender because the lounge is a free amenity and his salary should be included?

Are you fat?

Well that was cathartic, now let me go back for fourths!


5 responses to “Are You the Fat Guy in the Lounge?

  1. Airlines management might be thankful that NFL teams don’t fly and hang in the lounge. A friend told about players from one team that use to showed up after home games for the all one can eat prime special. Most could eat at least five pound of beef.

    • Maybe that’s why most airlines don’t have great lounge food.

      Singapore Airlines Private Room had a menu for ordering. I got the lobster and the dim sum and the kobe beef burger and and and

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