Fashionable in Osaka

I’m a man of fashion. From the fake market to the inexpensive tailor of Shanghai, everything I own is designer  [impostor].

The streets of Osaka are lined with all the familiar brands of which I own their counterfeit replacements. The prices are in yen but I’m sure they are still out of my budget. Whenever I see these beautiful store fronts whether they be in Ulaanbaatar or Osaka, I can’t help but wonder how much they pay for rent, how profitable or un they are, and if their international presence is more of a marketing ploy to say “We have locations in…” than to sell useless handbags whose prices constitute the GDP of the countries they are in.

In any case, they are nice to look at. IMG_20141103_170149 IMG_20141103_170211 IMG_20141103_170542 IMG_20141103_170808 IMG_20141103_171725

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