Pho Sho, Fu Uh Sho: The Top Ten Places to Get Pho!

Phở or pho (pronounced variously as /fʌ/, /fə/, /fər/, or /f/ so please stop messaging me that it’s not pronounced pho! I get it, we all get it but choose to remain ignorant for the sake of levity. Get over the preoccupation with pronunciation and focus on the splendid intoxication that can only come after slurping bowl after bowl.

If you are in need of a guide of where to go, look no further than here for the recap that I will share. Ten places I explored of which you will never get bored.

Now let’s be on our way:

Here are the places pho is awful:

Now for the world tour of where pho is great per me, the Pho King:


I’m the Pho King and I approve this message

#10: Red Light Pho: Amsterdam, Netherlands


#9: Trick or Treat? Hong Kong Pho Halloween: Hong Kong


#8: Pho-Nix Hotness: Phoenix, Arizona 


#7: Pho Peace Summit: Shanghai, China 


#6: Pho Tenderloin: San Francisco, California

Picture 004

#5: Pho-Sters, Australian for Beer: Sydney, Australia 


#4: But for Pho, I’d Say Pho Boston: Boston, Massachusetts


#3: Thanks Pho the Memories Tdot: Toronto, Ontario


#2: Seattle SuperPhonics: Seattle, Washington 


#1: Pho Ever My Lady, I Miss Saigon: All Over, Vietnam




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