#2: Seattle SuperPhonics


Even with sunshine, Seattle is still dreary

I’ll start by saying that Seattle wasn’t my favorite city to visit. I stayed at the W Seattle and wasn’t all that impressed. I went to the Public Market and had the halibut and was not that impressed. I went to the Starbucks and…well you get the picture. Seattle because of its overcast, rainy climate just gives you a sense of bleh even on a sunny day. Perhaps that is why everything I did and saw deemed mediocre.

But then, on the rainiest of rainy days, I went to Seattle’s China Town. I’ve been to China Towns all over from China to New York and hands down my favorite is the one in Seattle. They had amazing xiao long bao, great Japanese sake, delightful dim sum, and, above all, the best Pho in just about all of the world. All great Asian restaurants have one thing in common: a lack of decor. Instead, the ambiance of a great Asian restaurant is in its simplicity: the stools, the uncleared tables, the questionable health inspection certificate.

Although, this post is supposed to be all about pho, I had the make some detours and pit stops along the way as everything looked and tasted so good.


Entrance to Food Paradise


Avenue’s literal translation in Mandarin is big street (the T looking character)


On the way for pho my stomach was distracted by Ping. 


Who did not disappoint


In need a break [and a drink] it was time for some Japanese Asahi and sake


Appetite restored, I made my way to the best pho restaurant in the world (apart from #1 on the list)


Fried rolls, spring rolls, yum yum yum


The bowl came…


And went…But I pressed on


Sum dim sum…


And beer…


Made the abs disappear



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