#4: But for Pho, I’d Say Pho Boston

Pho Boston for just about everything: Pho the Celtics, Pho the Red Sox, Pho the Bruins, and but for Tom Brady being a Wolverine I’d say Pho the Patriots.

Apart from those negatives, I have to say that Boston’s pho is phoking delicious. After you curse Rondo at the Garden, boo Chara at the same, and give big Papi the bird at Fenway, head over to Boston’s China Town for some of the best pho you will ever have. The service at Pho Pasteur is efficient, the spring rolls are fresh and full of pep, and the pho is everything pho should be: hot to trot, rare but fair, and green but clean.


2013 MLB Playoffs: Scalped tickets for $25 each


How’d I get my fingers on these Sox Championship rings? Apologies to my Tigers for this betrayal (incidentally Detroit lost to the Red Sox following my cursed decision)


Go Wings Go! Red Sox and Bruins game in the same trip! Scalped tickets for $20 each. 


Heaven in Boston


Too hungry to stop and try some exotic cocktails


One of the best pho restaurants in the entire world


Fresh spring rolls, fresh basil, tons of sprouts, and great peanut sauce


Look at that distribution of tiny onions, green onions, tons of meat, and cilantro. I wish I was there now.



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