Vegas Knockout: All Hail Caesar’s Palace

(3) Encore vs (1) Caesar’s Palace

The official winner of the Vegas Knockout is Caesar’s Palace!

All hail Caesar’s Palace who beat out the number three seed Encore for the distinction of the best place to stay in Vegas. Overall, Caesar’s won out because unlike newcomers (see Cosmopolitan post), Caesar’s has proven time and time again it can withstand the test of time by adapting with the times.

Why is Caesar’s the best? First, and foremost, Caesar’s is right in the center of the Strip next to the Forum Shops and Bellagio, making it convenient for eating, drinking, and if you hit the jackpot, shopping. Next, Caesar’s is the birthplace of Vegas nightlife. Caesar’s had the first mega nightclub on the Strip called Pure to Vegas goers and Home Sweet Home to me and my friends. Although Pure is now closed, I am sure that Caesar’s will launch the next place to be tomorrow, thereby making it king of Vegas nightlife once again. While Caesar’s doesn’t have the greatest  pool party, it does provide a relaxing, upscale atmosphere for a timeout after an evening spent blacked out. Most of all Caesar’s provides something that the new guys can never provide, timeless memories. My best trips to Vegas were spent with my best friends living like VIP by enjoying comped suites, food, drink, and eventful nights out, long before anyone made a movie about it.

Picture 049

Why is Caesar’s the best?

Vegas 031

Let’s start with the room, a 2 bedroom suite I could call home.

Picture 019

Followed by the perks of being a diamond member VIP

Red carpet access to Pure during NBA All Star Weekend (yes that’s an ipod shuffle)


Great times poolside


Even while underwater from excess gambling

Vegas 036

Skipping the lines that wrapped around the hotel

Vegas 042

For bottle service comped by Big Al


Opportunities to yell Detroit Basketball at Shaq falling the Lakers epic collapse the year before

Vegas 055

Remember when they were cool?

Vegas 106

Neither do I.


All for the best memories

Vegas 107

All hail Caesar!




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