Vegas Knockout: The Encore Wynns in Overtime

(3) Encore vs (2) Wynn

The Encore vs the Wynn is analogous to 1 divided by zero, the answer is undefined. It’s really a matter of personal preference. They are essentially the same hotel with the Encore, as the name implies, the newer version of the Wynn.

1. The Room

  • Wynn: The standard room at the Wynn looks like any ordinary hotel room. For the steep price, I was expecting a little more flare.
  • Encore: I stayed at a suite at the Encore and much like the Wynn, it was pretty ordinary.

       Result: Draw

2. The Location

  • Both the Encore and the Wynn are located at the end of the strip but still within walking distance to the Fashion Show Mall. Since the Wynn is right across the street from the Palazzo and Venetian, the nod for better location goes to it.

       Result: Wynn 

3. The Nightlife 

  • Wynn: Way back when Tryst nightclub was impossible to access. Today, Tryst is one of the few places that plays the same Top 40 that we all know and love. It also has an impressive waterfall and outdoor patio.
  • Encore: Encore is home to XS, by far my favorite club in Las Vegas in terms of layout. Not only is there plenty of space to maneuver inside but there is an expansive patio if you want to get away from it all. Encore also has Surrender, a mini version of Tryst and XS that is worth checking out. However, for me, XS and Surrender play too much house music. I’m all about that bass, that bass, no techno.

         Result: Draw 

4. The Pool 

  • Wynn: The Wynn pool has two characteristics that make it interesting: 1) It is a topless pool. 2) It has poolside gambling.
  • Encore: Encore Beach Club is the best pool party in Las Vegas. It edges out Tao Beach due to its size and is classier (if that’s the right adjective) than Wet Republic at the MGM. If you don’t want to wade in the filth of a pool party, the Encore also has a regular pool where the music isn’t too loud and the atmosphere is more laid back.

      Result: Encore

Using the four factor analysis of room, location, nightlife, and pool, the Encore comes out ahead simply because day drinking poolside or at a pool party is, and forever will be, my favorite extracurricular activity.

Overall Result: Encore wins by a Piña Colada


Spoils of Victory


A view of the Wynn from the winning Encore



That’s right, that’s the infamous Trump you see (click pic for that story)

Las Vegas-20130622-00359

Camera or me? Which one is out of focus?

Las Vegas-20130623-00364

Encore’s relaxing pool still going on


XS by night

Vegas 006

Golf is always an option if you aren’t satisfied with 1-4


The baby Wynn in Macau.

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