Vegas Knockout: The Butler at MGM’s Skylofts

(8) Skylofts at MGM vs (1) Caesars Palace 

Have you ever been to the MGM Grand Casino? It is one of the largest hotels in the world, making it easy to get lost simply trying to find the bathroom. Amid all the chaos of boxing matches, UFC events, and sports gambling, there is a secret doorway that leads to the Skylofts experience.

Take the elevator to your private Vegas hideaway then wait for your own butler to bring you the luggage and take you on a tour of what unfortunately is your home for a mere couple of days.

High above the Vegas skyline you find yourself in a Manhattan style loft with vaulted ceilings, ample living space, and bathing amenities reserved for the rich and famous. At the Skylofts, you’ll want for nothing as your butler, day or night, is only a phone call away.

Vegas Spring Break (1)

I’d like one of these in my house

Vegas Spring Break (3)

A shower for ten?

Of course, if you do get bored of the nonstop pampering, the Skylofts unlike the Signature is located within the great MGM Casino so everything from food to pool to nightlife is only a private elevator ride away.


A blurry day at Wet Republic pool party


Maybe I should get back to my Skyloft

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