Vegas Knockout: Fading to Blackout at the Hard Rock

(15) Hard Rock Las Vegas vs (2) Wynn 

There are Hard Rock Cafes throughout the world like the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, but there is only one Hard Rock Las Vegas.

The Vegas Hard Rock revolutionized the party scene not only in Vegas but throughout the world with the creation of Rehab, the ultimate morning after pool party. After a rough Saturday, when your body is begging for you to slow down before it shuts down, there is only one noble course of action: drink more.

Guests not staying at the Hard Rock Hotel have to arrive as early in the morning to queue in line for hours. Guests of the Hard Rock Hotel are given preferential treatment for admittance and the added advantage of having a home base to pre-pre-party, take a two minute power nap, and rest up for the after party at Body English before the after-after party.

The Rehab concept has been copied by hotels throughout the Strip but make no mistake, the original is still going strong at the Hard Rock.


A peaceful Sunday afternoon with the family…


An innocent cocktail…


Then all hell breaks loose


The end result?…see video below

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