Vegas Knockout: Mandalay Bay, the Right Way

(11) Mandalay Bay vs (6) Four Seasons 

If you use the Priceline Trick it is very possible that you can get a discounted room at a great hotel in Vegas including the Mandalay Bay. While hotels claim that they don’t put Priceline guests in the linen closet, the chances of getting a nice upgrade ($20 trick notwithstanding) is pretty remote.

The right way to stay in Vegas is to use your Amex Platinum to book a room that is part of their Fine Hotels & Resorts collection of which Mandalay Bay is a participating member. Here are the perks in writing:


Now let me show you what this perk looks like translated into a picture:


Michigan paraphernalia not included

Instead of a basic room at Mandalay, Amex provides an upgraded suite with a full size dining table room, more televisions than anyone will ever need, and a deluxe shower.

What’s nice about staying at the Mandalay, THEhotel (Delano), or the Four Seasons is access to the many amenities of the complex:


Every resort should have a lazy river


And a wave pool

Now imagine all of this coupled with the service of the Four Seasons:


You too would be smiling.

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