Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong…Except Mine to Blackberry

I’ve been doing all sorts of things including driving a taxi cab to promote my book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine (available here for purchase on Kindle and paperback).

An article in the NYT today titled “Blackberry, Under New Leadership Unveils Its Newest Smartphone” caught my attention, reminding me of Step 5 of my book.

Step 5 of the Ten-Step plan to break free from your cubicle is to “Remain unHRable”, a concept of my own creation that describes those who can’t deal with the mundane of Mondays, choosing instead to try and make it on their own. Anyhow, within the step, I describe how an unHRable like myself couldn’t even land an interview at Blackberry even though I sent what has turned out to be an oracle of a cover letter.

Check it out below: Had they listened to me then, maybe they wouldn’t have to do what they are doing now.


Perhaps I should forward this along with a copy of my book to the current CEO, Mr. Chen.


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