Taken Pho Granted: A Terrible Bowl in Ulaanbaatar

The Pho Sho: Top Ten Pho Worldwide list is not dead, it just moved to Mongolia and has not had the opportunity to press forward. An unexpected surprise when I came to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia- the presence of pho! Not only was there a pho restaurant near my house but it was also open 24 hours.

Could this be too good to be true?


24 Hours!

The answer sadly was yes. Not only did they not have pho tai on the menu but the pho combo they had was awful. The broth was beautiful but the noodles were bland and the cuts of meat only resembled beef. In my years of pho voyages, only New York and Singapore have had pho this bad.


Since this pho was the worst I have ever had, not only did I not finish the bowl, I am not going to bother finishing this post.


A combo Vietnamese/Korean restaurant? No

Thankfully, there is another pho restaurant here that I pray is up to the international standard I have come to expect. Could that crack the top ten list?

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