We Thought You Were Cool

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Status, status, status! That’s the name of the points game. Dropping status is almost as bad as losing a relative. That love, support, and ass kissing are gone, leaving you feeling alone- a stranger in your own hotel.

I hold onto my Hilton Gold status by paying the annual fee on my Citi Reserve Hilton card, find some value as a Platinum by paying for a Chase Hyatt card (though it does not compare to being Diamond), and will sacrifice my new born to stay Platinum with SPG (sorry Dequindre but I love suite

Today I received an email from Le Club Accorhotels saying that my Platty plat platinum status has been downgraded. Accor does have a lot of nice properties worldwide but I have only stayed at a couple of them. Last year, I found a loophole to reach platinum and got a few amenities when I was at the Novotel in Wellington, New Zealand! Windy Wellington!

Still I really think their marketing team could have done a better job in delivering the bad news:



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