Chinggis Khaan Airport Welcomes You


I have arrived in Mongolia and the exploration of my new life has already begun. The first lesson, my international data roaming package that allowed me to run around the world and blog with no charges does not work in Mongolia. ATNT was the first to welcome me to Mongolia with the text, “rate is up to $19.97/MB”. That’s equivalent to one Facebook status alert.

That’s all for now because I need to go buy some pillows. Those were not comfortable rocks that I slept on last night.

Oh and one more curious observation. Yesterday was August 1st and the bartender said they don’t serve alcohol on the 1st of the month, no drinking ChinggisBeer, but they did serve mixed drinks because they could hide the alcohol. Go figure.

Anyhow, off to my book signing, hope to you see you all there!


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