The Calm Before the Frost

I opened my passport to see a shiny new visa with the words Mongolian Work Visa. This means the time has finally come to do 2 things:

1. Move to freezing Mongolia 

2. Get Back to Work.

It’s been an interesting summer from moving out of Arizonaselling the BBQ, and trying to get rid of the Cadillac without being arrested. Of course, I have been boasting about the release of my book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine which should be named Everyone’s Release Date Is Wrong . . . Including Mine because the ‘custom interior’ is still being finalized. So, let’s be hopeful for an August release date.

It wasn’t all work this summer as I went to Costa Rica, then flew 26,000 miles around the world in style to see Mikey in Shanghai and Bali (neither place counting towards the country count competition because I am running out of places to go). From there it was on to Anytown, USA for some Ranch and upscale lodging (after dealing with more problems at Chinese Customs). Then I headed for Chicago where ThePointsOfLife almost predicted the World Cup outcome.

And now I’m home again in Flint, Michigan.

Tonight I’m going to Empress of China for the best Chinese food in the world but beyond that I’m really going to have to dig deep to find some meaningful content to keep me and you entertained.

That can only mean one thing…Canada this weekend!

Flint Is Beautiful in the Summer

Flint Is Beautiful in the Summer


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