It Could Be Worse

I’m still reeling from defeat after yesterday’s World Cup final. Walking around Chicago with my Messi jersey, I met fellow fans who also were distraught. I also met German fans and exchanged pleasantries about how good the game was, regardless of the outcome.

A couple of random German fans did yell out, “Messi sucks,” to which I took great exception. No need to publish my retort.

Anyhow, today is my last day in Chicago and being a tourist I had to go visit Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Wrigley is celebrating its 100 years anniversary, a time marked by one common theme- losing.

The last time the Cubs won the World Series was way back in 1908.

Today, despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, the losing continues. What’s worse is the owners who are now suing their own fans. The Cubs are trying to install a jumbotron and ads in the outfield which would block the view of the rooftop bars that surround part of the stadium. The owners of the bars are rightly against it. Such dysfunctionality is unprecedented.

In any event, my visit to Wrigley put things into perspective: yes I am annoyed Argentina lost, yes my Michigan sports teams have been struggling but at least I’m not a Cubs fan.



3 responses to “It Could Be Worse

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  2. you could not be more wrong. Messi did suck this world cup. He is probably the most talented player around, but his performance sucked this world cup.
    Why do you feel the bar and apartment owners (who make a shitload of money from the seats on their rooftops) are entitled to enjoy the cubs games for free?
    Why is their profitability more relevant than that of the Cubs who actually are putting on the show?
    Your views are very, very skewed

    • Lol coming from a guy whose handle is deltahater.

      I don’t think Messi had a great world cup but that wasn’t my point. I’m saying in the final he had chances to score and didn’t convert.

      And the cubs make plenty of money from their tv deal with wgn. I’m sure both sides are greedy but from the fan’s experience, I’d say it would be a shame to eliminate something unique to wrigley.

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