The Windy and Rainy City

Today was interesting. I flew out of Anytown to Seattle which does not have an American Airlines Lounge unless you lie and tell them that you are flying American within the day (whether they check or not is anyone’s guess, I was too honest to try). From Seattle, I flew into Chicago Midway via SWA.

Now, I’m about to pass out in the Conrad Chicago which is conveniently or inconveniently located next to my stomping grounds from Scottsdale, El Hefe where good times are had by most.

Anyhow, this is just a quick a-live update. The hotel isn’t as Conrad as Conrad Maldives or Conrad Tokyo or Conrad Pezula (South Africa), all of which I may, one day, write a prototypical hotel review, but now I must sleep to prep myself for a big day of World Cup action.

Go Argentina!


El Hefe Chicago!


This is not Tokyo

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