Anytown, USA

Kramer had it right when he installed a screen door on his New York apartment giving him “the cool evening breezes of Anytown, USA.”

That’s what comes to mind as I check out from the in your face lifestyle of the US and go back to a more pleasant time when strangers said hello on the street, people left their doors unlocked, and most notably, enjoying the libations of a local brew.

A local told me there was a measure in the state house to ban open containers of alcohol but it was shot down because one of it’s biggest opponents, the governor, “liked to have a beer on the way home from work.”

Whether this be true or not, there are no open container laws in the town’s I’ve visited making the commute from one quaint town to another nice and easy. (I am not the driver.)

The lax regulations apply to just about everything. The airport has basic security, the bank teller knows your face and doesn’t ask for ID, and the honor policy applies for paying your tab at the brewery.

And somehow there is no crime, no terrorism, and no apprehension that this way of life is under attack.

If the vehicles were removed from the street and a picture was taken, my guess is that you could not tell what year it is.



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