Man vs. Nature: Into the Wild

We all saw when it came to man vs. himself who triumphed. Even though I didn’t complete the hot dog challenge successfully, I contest that there was victory in defeat.

Today man challenged nature and nature came out on top by a long shot. The day began by psychologically preparing myself for a hike through the woods with the reward of a lake and fresh caught fish upon completing the hike.

Again, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Looking like a legitimate fisherman


Gone Fishin with Kenny, Chuck and EJ


Ah nature


Found a wild animal


Dog whisperer


More nature


King of Nature


Exiting, where’s the trail?!


The hike: Decent timing going up and down but the view didn’t compare to Table Mountain.

The fish: 0 caught

The wild: 1 dog tamed

The outcome: Yeah, my hiking days with mother nature are over.

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