Simply the Best: March 2014

After each month I’ll post The List  of the Top 7 posts for that month and add in honorable mention for those that should’ve gotten more love. Obviously, each recap requires a needed book plug for that soon to be released Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine right at the top followed by my upworthy pic of the post and a memorable quote.

Since I am ecstatic to have just joined and have seen my daily numbers quadruple in one day, I am going to have to catch everyone up by going way, way back to March 19th when this all began.

1. No One Listens to the Professor 


Older and angrier, I am ever more consumed with frustrations on just about everything and am never shy to voice my opinion, even if by force.

2. ThePointsOfLife Infomercial 


“The following is a paid advertisement for Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife. It does not represent the views or opinions of your friends and family.”

3. 30 Days to Maldives


Friends ask me all the time how I travel everywhere for next to nothing. After reading ThePointsOfLife Infomercial you should know the answer is points.

4. Pho No


This was not pho. This was fraud.

5. Swamp Water 


But, this does beg the question: when do become too old to partake in juvenile revelry? Better yet, when are you too old to go on spring break?

6. Final 4 Free 


Traveling for sporting events is one of the best reasons to travel. However, when your Detroit Lions make the Superbowl and it isn’t held in Detroit (horrible idea to have it in a cold weather city) you will find yourself scrambling for airline tickets that costs hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

7. All this can be yours if the points are right . . . 


It’s all well and good when every imbecile tells you of their great travels and then never reveals exactly how they get it done.

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