And the Award for Best Foreign Film Goes to . . .


During down time on trips, I turn on the television and flip through the limited selection of channels hoping to come across anything in English. Our first night at the Bounty Hotel, the state of the art 12″ television didn’t even broadcast the damn World Cup. Even with an expanded selection of 30 channels at the Sheraton Kuta, there are only a few tolerable options apart from watching Richard Quest on CNN or the repetitive loop of BBC International.

The law of supply and demand is in full effect in these situations when I convince myself that the movie that is playing is worth watching. However, without fail, every movie I have seen while on vacation is followed by the words, “That was the worst movie in the world.”

This time around, I have more to add to the list. The first was at least funny but the second was indeed, the worst movie ever. Seriously, it was so bad that it is worth booking a trip somewhere and watching it yourself.

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