For the Young at Heart

I don’t check into my points redemption Sheraton Kuta till tomorrow leaving me in need of a hotel for a night. Nostalgia set in and I booked one night at the Bounty Hotel whose slogan is “For the Young at Heart.”

It really should be, “For the drunk, economical, or otherwise insolvent by default.” This hotel has nice rooms, great food, and crippling drinks without the price premium to match.

Checking into a place like this puts things into perspective, to some degree while forcing the patron to question others.

1. Is it worth it to stay at a premium points property for free with the tradeoff of being gouged for basic amenities including food and drink?

1a. If yes, then should one stay at said premium property if he is concerned about those prices?

2. When are you too old for the hostel lifestyle, even if the glorified hostel comes in the name of hotel and boasts the slogan, “For the Young at Heart.”

As much I would like to speculate as to the answers of these significant questions, I have to get to work on this FGD drink.

Any guesses what FGD stands for?


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