Newark, New Jersey: The Discarded Mistress

I left my house (not my house anymore!) at 430am on the way to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. I arrived there to find the airline lounge closed, so my requisite need for a Bloody Mary before I fly would not be fulfilled.

From there, I had to go through security again to get to the Southwest terminal, to find my gate had been changed. Then I landed in Houston and as you saw was delayed over and over followed by a gate change. I arrive in Newark to find the cost efficient AirTrain is out of service so I’m taking the bus to Penn Station then onto Grand Central to get to my friends house.I’m not a believer in exisstential forces interfering with my plans but come on already!

All these delays made me overlook how selfish I was being as I hastily exited Newark airport and the state of New jersey as a whole. Maybe this was her way of telling me to slow down. Or maybe this was Chris Christie’s doing.


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