Paddle Bored

For most, going on vacation means relaxation, unwinding, and a momentary break from the everyday. Then you arrive and find yourself with nothing to do. While some people unplug from their emails, social media, and all other distractions, I get bored of ‘relaxing’ almost immediately. Searching for something to do both active and entertaining, I came across this ‘sport’ called paddleboarding. My friend in Miami said It was a good workout and a way to get out in the water. So I thought I would give it a shot.

After falling off to a chorus of laughs once again, I decided to park my paddleboard on the shore and do nothing. Watching my friends attempt to windsurf was just as bad as my attempts to cut through the water of the Intracoastal.

I’ve paddleboarded from the Mauritius to the Maldives and have concluded I need a new vacation hobby. At least, the experience made for some good pictures. IMGA0163 IMGA0365

Watch out for the seaplane!







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